How to use short links for your marketing

Adminu Published on July 21, 2022

If you're not already familiar with short links, they’ve just shortened versions of regular URLs. You can use them to save space or make your links more manageable when sharing links. is a free short link generator you can use to create your quick links. To get started, enter the URL that you want to shorten into the box on the homepage. Once you hit "Go," will generate a shortened URL.


You can then share this shortened URL with others or use it whenever you need to save space or make a link more manageable. Thanks to, creating and using short links is quick and easy!


Advantages of using

If you are like most internet users, you undoubtedly utilize the website to make short links for your website or blog. However, were you aware that you can also use to build short URLs for usage in other contexts?

For instance, the scenario if you wished to post a link to an article on your own Facebook profile. You may build a short link to the report by going to and then publish it on your Facebook page after you've done so.

Or suppose you wanted to tweet a link to an article that you found interesting. Once more, you can go to to generate a short URL for the report and then tweet it.

You can make short links with in a variety of other methods as well. Make sure that you check out if you're seeking a fast and straightforward way to exchange URLs with other people.


  1. QR Codes

You can also distribute links to your list using QR codes. To accomplish this, go to and input the URL you wish to shorten into the appropriate field. This will produce a QR code for you, which you can show other people. After doing so, they will be transported immediately to the material you have provided if they scan the code.

Therefore, whether you're marketing a new product or publishing the most recent piece on your blog, is an excellent approach to getting your material in front of more people. Try it out for yourself right now!


  1. More Statistics

You may monitor data to improve the effectiveness of your marketing campaign with, which is a fantastic method to share your links with your network simultaneously. You may send your clients to a relevant page and expand your reach by targeting your customers. In addition, you may include a pixel in your social media advertising campaign to retarget those who have shown interest in your product.


Here's how it works:

1. Visit and enter the URL you wish to shorten.

2. Click the "Shorten" button.

3. Copy your new shortened URL and share it with the world!

And that's all there is to it! Give a try the next time you need to share a long URL and make your life a little bit easier.

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